We are engaged in the development and production of electrodes for resistance welding, or similar products (thermodes for hot punches).

We produce electrodes from a wide range of commonly used materials (see table below).

  Material International designation
  CuCrZr RWMA2, třída 2
  CuCoBe RWMA3, třída 3
  WCu RWMA11, třída 6
  W RWMA13, třída 7
  Mo RWMA14, třída 8

We buy materials only from proven suppliers from non-conflict countries and only with quality certificate.

We can supply electrodes in all shapes and sizes (usually from D = 1mm to D = 20mm), either in one piece (usually CuCrZr) or as a soldered insert (typically tungsten in a copper body).

We are aware that the quality of the weld also depends on the quality of the electrode. That's why we put big importance on repeatabilityso that you can be sure that our electrodes will be of the same quality with each of our deliveries.

Feel free to contact us by email: post@tecpa.cz