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Tecpa s.r.o. is a Czech company with a 15-year tradition, which provides comprehensive services in the field of precision engineering production with a focus on single-part production and small series production. We provide our customers with comprehensive services from the design itself, process simulation, to the production itself. We use the latest CAD / CAM software Solidworks and Hypermill.

Our specialization is the production and machining of precision parts from materials such as stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, copper, tungsten, graphite, MACOR ceramics and all plastics on the market (PMMA, PEEK, POM). We then use these lever parts to assemble assemblies of various sizes. The smallest ones are several centimeters in size, the largest ones are several meters in size.

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Partial production technologies are our domain, however, technological preparation is always preceded by a complete definition of initial parameters and boundary conditions, as well as a precise analytical and conceptual balance sheet and then a full-fledged design with output in the form of technical drawings. For this activity we use fully professional software Solidworks 2022, including modules for processing calculations or structural analyzes.

Cooperation with customers

Each design or functional unit is always conditioned by quality preparation based on consultation with the customer, which leads to the organization of ideas, definition of requirements and outlining possible solution for design and production. Based on experience, we are able to detect possible technological risks very soon and thus flexibility propose partial changes or optimizations from the very beginning. Partial consultations are suitable, whether it is a complete activity in the form of conceptual, design, technological and production or standard optimization of the part and direct production on the basis of the supplied documentation.

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Research and Development

In addition of standard production, the company actively focuses on the participation or management of research and development projects, which can be divided into 3 basic pillars.

  1. External projects – comprehensive cooperation with the customer from the idea to the final product. This is often the development of a new or highly modified unit or part of diagnostic equipment, scientific instruments or mechanism.
  2. Internal projects – projects focused on the development of production know-how, technological innovation and to strengthen the company’s competitiveness in the market.
  3. EU grant projects – management or participation in R&D projects in cooperation with other research organizations, universities or commercial companies.

This leads to the creation of research consortia composed of experts across different fields, usually with the aim of creating functional units of instrumentation or diagnostic equipment for the purpose of scientific, medical or industrial practice.


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Vacuum components

We currently manufacture several types of vacuum components.

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Electrodes for resistance welding

We are engaged in the development and production of electrodes for resistance welding, or similar products.

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Lightguide is located in the heart of the detector. It removes photons from the scintillator to the multiplier photocathode, which is located outside the vacuum chamber.

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Other components

We also produce a wide range of classic and special, custom-made components.


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Precise production preparation

Even before production, our products are subjected rigorous preparation process with accent on design and technological feasibility. For this process we use:

 SolidWorks 2022 Premium with special extensions that allow us to analyze gas flow and design high quality vacuum components and assemblies.

 CAM programming to simulate more complex machining processes, which will allow us to identify possible problems with the technological feasibility of the product before the start of production,

 3D print, thanks to which we can see a real degree of completion and thus identify potential problems that would not be possible to identify only by working with a PC.

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Innovative machining methods

Standard machining methods have a lot of limitations. That's why we use a number innovative machining methods, for example: trochoid machining, which allows circular interpolation motion. Thanks to this, we can machine complex slots with a larger diameter than the cutting tool itself.

HSM method (High-Speed ​​Machining) provides machining speeds of up to 60 m / min. We can produce even the most complex components, and only from a single piece of material, with eliminating inaccuracies and thermal stress.


Welding and orbital welding – high quality and precision

The main advantages of precision laser welding technology are that the welded materials are exposed to minimum pressure and welding is achieved with maximum accuracy, which ensures repeatable and high quality results. We use state-of-the-art equipment (AMADA MIYACHI NOVA6) for laser welding of metals, suitable for both series production and scientific research projects. 

Our expertise in the field of welding also includes orbital TIG welding, ie welding of circular assemblies, located in difficult to access areas deep inside the components. Even in such cases, we guarantee high quality and repeatability of the weld. Thanks AVC technology (Automatic voltage control eliminating the effect of electrode wear) we can ensure accurate welding results even on parts with uneven surface geometry.


Surface finishes

The final look and finis his absolutely essential for high-tech products. One example is PMMA light guides, which we polish to perfection to ensure optimal light reflection. For stainless steel weldments, used in vacuum technology, we use a number of other sophisticated methods for surface treatment, which is essential not only for their function.

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The standard process, common to all manufactured parts, is to clean and wash them. We remove dirt, cutting fluids and oils in dips or baths of various chemical compositions in professional ultrasonic dishwashers. Subsequent drying of parts takes place in adapted heat dryers or by a flow of compressed air.

Assembly (construction)

We also deal with the assembly of parts into larger assembly units, especially by joining into vacuum or vacuum-tight assemblies. Fully and efficiently equipped high-clean rooms are used for this purpose.

In addition to conventional assembly in the form of detachable connections, we also specialize in non-detachable connections using LBW or TIG welding or vacuum soldering.

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Most of our products are very sensitive. We therefore place emphasis on the comprehensive protection of parts, both with conventional packaging material and with our own custom-made packaging and cases. You can be sure that our products will be packed with care and delivered in perfect condition.

Strict quality control system

Our company adheres to a strict quality control system, which allows us to manufacture sophisticated components such as instrument and vacuum assemblies for electron beam microscopes, tested with a custom-made helium leak detector.

Our customers expect tight tolerances, repeatability down to a hundredth of millimeter, precise welds, vacuum tightness up to 10th order and unique appearance. We strive to continuously improve our quality control system.

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