Even before production, our products are subjected rigorous preparation process with accent on design and technological feasibility. For this process we use:

 SolidWorks 2022 Premium with special extensions that allow us to analyze gas flow and design high quality vacuum components and assemblies.

 CAM programming to simulate more complex machining processes, which will allow us to identify possible problems with the technological feasibility of the product before the start of production,

 3D print, thanks to which we can see a real degree of completion and thus identify potential problems that would not be possible to identify only by working with a PC.

 Connecting production machines and IT allows us to optimize not only process times (e.g. roughing) but also production costs and reduce the final price for our customers.

Not only do these technologies enable us to deliver high-quality products, but they also help us in our commitment to environment by minimizing industrial waste and the subsequent need to recycle e.g. metal shavings, plastics, etc.


Need help designing a product from a technology feasibility perspective?

In addition to the implementation of our own production processes, we also provide consulting services focusing on the technological feasibility of laser welding, TIG welding, etc.

Do not hesitate to contact us at: post@tecpa.cz