We currently manufacture several types of vacuum components.

Vacuum piping
It is used to pump air in the working space of the electron microscope. It is made of stainless steel, the surface treatment is ensured by ballot blasting. Vacuum sealing surfaces are protected. We test this piping on a helium leak detector.
The function of these products is linear motion in a vacuum. They consist of a vacuum part, a linear guide and a movement mechanism. The vacuum part is a weldment, which consists of the carrier of the detector itself, the welded bellows and the connecting flange. The linear guides consist of circular induction hardened linear rods, linear bearings and a carriage. The movement is ensured by a trapezoidal screw and nuts.
Valve stem
The rod itself is made of titanium, the flange and the bellows are made of stainless steel. Vacuum connection with the bellows is achieved by vacuum soldering.
It is an electron beam welded assembly consisting of a flange, a rod, a bellows and vacuum bushings.